Greg’s Welding, Inc. offers fully equipped cranes, crane trucks, and semi-trucks and trailers.  We offer six sizes of crane trucks and two semi-trailers for setting treaters, pumping units, compressor motors, and many other oil field applications. Cranes and rigging trucks come equipped with all the necessary lifting equipment as well as all the required safety equipment such as tag lines and fall protection. Greg’s Welding has certified crane and boom truck operators.  Riggers are also certified in rigging equipment.  We offer the following sizes of cranes:

75 ton - 40 ton - 35 ton - 21 ton - 12 ton - 8 ton - Boom Truck



Oil Field Motors

Crane crews change compressor motors by removing both the old motors and the roof from buildings. After these are removed, the old motors are replaced with new ones and the roof of the building is reinstalled.


Roofs & Trusses

Our expert crane crews lift trusses from the ground to the installation point. With a crane, the trusses can be assembled on the ground, then lifted to their installation point on the roof. This eliminates many risks involved when doing this process by hand. 


Production Tanks

Greg's Welding offers a variety of services regarding production tanks. We can set production tanks on new locations, tear down old locations and dispose of any materials, as well as transport production tanks and equipments to new locations.