Our Patents

Greg and his team have worked vigorously to invent, develop, and patent several products including the PatLoc and a methane header system. Greg's Welding Inc. is proud to have seen his inventions go through the patent process to become the products that have vastly improved the industry. 



The PatLoc Safety System is the only product available engineered to engage and disengage the pawl from the ground – out of harm’s way and locking the pump using a single individual.  Our system properly secures pump jack units safely for employees and contractors when needed. Available for Weatherford and Lufkin models, with Patloc Safety System installed, you'll save time and money and reduce risk of accidental injury to almost zero.



Methane Header System

During the methane boom in the late 1990's and early 2000's, Greg designed and patented a very successful header system for coal bed methane. This patent took Greg's Welding from a simple welding shop to a manufacturing company as it developed manufacturing and transport capabilities in order to produce and distribute the coal bed methane header system. 



Vortex tools

Another ingenious innovation from the mastermind at Greg’s Welding, Vortex is a series of surface and downhole optimization tools. These systems help extend the flowing life, efficiency, and productivity of oil & gas wells. The Vortex technology maximize oil & gas production while simultaneously recovering up to three times the standard condensate of monetizable liquids. For more information, media, and technical reports visit the link below.



Oil & Gas Downhole Tools