Our History


In 1983, Greg and a few partners founded Greg’s Welding, a small, one person welding shop that has since grown into the blooming company it is today. The small, one person shop saw its first expansion when Greg bought out his partners and added to his staff in 1987. Following this expansion, Greg’s Welding staffed 12 employees.

Then in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Greg’s Welding had another breakthrough: Greg invented and a new heater system for the coal bed methane industry. The new innovation was largely successful and Greg’s Welding was transformed from a small welding shop to a business that had capabilities to manufacture, fabricate, and transport its header systems all over the methane industry. This breakthrough took Greg’s Welding from 12 employees to 50 employees.

Soon, however, the methane industry began to fizzle out and the oil industry began to pick up. In 2008, Greg’s Welding capitalized on the promising oil industry and began to manufacture and perform maintenance on code pressure vessels. In 2010, Greg’s Welding branched out and set up a shop in North Dakota, the heart of the oil boom. This expansion doubled the amount of employees at Greg’s Welding, which equated to about 100 employees. In 2012, Greg’s Welding had yet another breakthrough. He invented and built a complete horizontal heater treater that Greg’s Welding still manufactures, transports, and maintenances to this day.

Looking back on his company’s 25 years of service to the community, Greg and his company have had many unique experiences, from giving Wyoming’s governor a tour of the facilities, to meeting and working with many people around the community. From a small, one person welding shop to the thriving business it is today, Greg’s Welding looks forward to its continued service to the community and its industries.